3008, 2018

The Rewards of Teaching Art to Homeless Seniors

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One of the main tenets of Creative Awakenings is the healing benefits of Creativity. This article about artist Zahava Sherez teaching art to homeless seniors is particularly meaningful - this quote by Zahava stood [...]

2602, 2016


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Runes are an ancient Nordic alphabet that has served as a navigational tool, an oracle, and an inner personal guide for millions of people since approximately 150 AD. In today’s world, they are an extraordinary [...]

202, 2016

Runestones: A Powerful, Personalized and Continual Connection to the Universe

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Runes and Runestones have long fascinated me. "SoulMating"Elizabeth Bryan Jacobs and Bobby JacobsHand Carved Runestone4’ x 2’ x 4”Fossilized BluestoneCollection of the Artists The earliest Runestones date back to the 4th century, and [...]