Have you ever heard a wonderful idea for art that you wished was easier to explain?

Here’s one from me: it’s completely unique, inspired by nature, highly personalized, and allows the collector to participate in its creation:

Cast bronze branches, wood, canvas, oil paint
30 x 120 x 8 inches


I cast tree branches in bronze.  The branches in “Synchronicity” were chosen from the client’s property,  forever honoring her beautiful home.
These unique, highly personal works of art engage your collectors in the creative process and are especially significant to any collection. Here’s why:

  1. Trees have meaning: Almost everyone has a favorite tree. My Earthworks and assemblages allow collectors, corporations and healthcare facilities to participate in the art-making by choosing branches and leaves that are personal and meaningful to them. Whether a tree has already fallen, has limited time left or is shedding leaves, clients can memorialize their most meaningful piece of nature.
  2. Final art can be indigenous to its final installation location: Earthworks and assemblages are literally cast from the environment where they are installed, enhancing the natural beauty of any location.
  3. Evidence-based design: Whether in a home, office or hospital, access to nature is key to wellness. By providing art that literally brings the outside “in,” you are offering clients an innovative way to benefit from the healing properties of nature.
  4. The healing powers of creativity: Last but not least, engaging your clients in the creative process allows them to benefit from the healing powers of creativity. Imagine walking with them on their favorite property or art-designated area and opening to what beauty from nature can become beauty in art.
  5. Giving back: I am also honored to donate all art sale proceeds to “The Spread Your Wings Project,” my 501(c)3 devoted to sharing the healing powers of the arts. Your clients can write off a significant portion of their art purchases while helping others experience the therapeutic benefits of creativity.

I have completed commissions that have included branches, leaves, found wood, dying cacti and even cattails.

In the spirit of easy explanations, please contact me here. I am happy to send a cast bronze leaf for you and your clients to hold in your hands. Just send me your info, and your leaf will be on its way!


You can also view more Earthworks here.



I hope you have enjoyed this  “Breath of Fresh Art,” and are moved to share our work with anyone you think might find it inspiring. Bobby and I are committed to communicating the power of the arts and art therapy, and greatly appreciate your support.

Creatively yours,

Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs