This month’s featured art is a genuine, contemporary Runestone – one that my husband and I created together for a dear friend and collector, Karen C. It tells the story of her “journey” in ancient Runic text: from the beginning of her 39-year marriage to its intensely challenging end, focusing on the amazing and continual new beginnings she deeply experiences as the most difficult chapter retreats farther and farther into her past.

Journey Runestone by Elizabeth Bryan-JacobsAll endings are metaphorical deaths, offering distinct opportunities for growth – especially when we embrace the “power of the pause,” and reflect on experience down to the deepest levels.

I have never been more convinced about the benefits of pausing than I am right now: I call it, “pause and effect.”

Every situation, every conversation and every moment can benefit by a pause. The more we pause, the greater and more positive “effect” it has on our lives. Pausing and mindfulness are completely intertwined – their very definition gives rise to our being more present in each moment, offering infinite opportunities for better communication, deeper experience, less stress, more love, greater appreciation…in other words, living life more fully.

Begin right now: close your eyes, reflect on your past, and consider the different outcomes that may have occurred had you taken a breath before responding. Smile inside, inhale deeply and let it go – you’ve just embraced pausing as a practice.


Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs