From Samantha Talora, Communications Coordinator, Canyon Ranch – Lenox, MA:

“Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs has become a creatively inspiring addition to the Canyon Ranch programming family.

Canyon Ranch guests are discerning, savvy and beautifully open to life-expanding and enriching experiences. Elizabeth fits perfectly into this fold. From the day we spoke on the phone about our collaboration, I knew she would share her gifts generously and expertly with our special clientele. She does not disappoint.

Elizabeth is all at once soothing and energizing, providing a safe and comforting environment to step outside of what is familiar and try something new. She arrived with her arsenal of treasures, much to the delight of Creative Awakenings participants. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that, as I have witnessed, is uniquely different for everyone.

The experience “awakens” emotions, creativity and intuition that we forgot, or never knew, was there! Too often in our daily lives, we become entrenched in the “work” of life. Elizabeth guides us to revisit and rediscover the beauty and simplicity that lies within us and encourages us to share this creativity, and ourselves, more fully. A rare gift.”

From Candace Bahr, former owner, Bahr Investment Group, Investment News 2015 “Women to Watch,” co-founder WIFE.org and Second Saturday Divorce Workshops:

“Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs brought Creative Awakenings to my top clients as an appreciation event, and they loved it!

Not only was it a differentiator, it was a joyful, wellness experience that they talked about long after it was over. The art they made was beautiful, and it was wonderful to share this kind of special, intimate experience with them.

I also worked alongside Elizabeth at The Golden Door Spa, presenting a “Soul Models” themed week. This content is truly inspiring – and, Elizabeth has a special way of engaging the guests in an entertaining, informative way that is both transformative and memorable.

Elizabeth is a consummate professional and always comes fully prepared with a treasure chest of supplies, down to the smallest details. Her events are unique, informative and always uplifting – I can’t recommend her enough!

From Jodi H., Canyon Ranch Guest:

“Best workshop on creativity alive ever taken – Love Elizabeth!”

From Peg D., Canyon Ranch Guest:

“This was a life-changing experience – Elizabeth, you are a FORCE! And you are a giver. Thank you for this amazing experience.”

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From Alison D., Canyon Ranch Guest:

“Loved it! Came exactly at the right time … like it was meant to be – the Universe sending me the guidance I needed. Elizabeth, you are fabulous!”

From Bernadette R., Canyon Ranch Guest:

“A surprisingly delightful experience! Taking the best parts of my past into the future, but excited for a third chapter of my life – Thank you, Elizabeth – for your belief in us, your radiance and inspiration. My favorite Irish word is ‘uamhnach’! Beyond ‘awesome!”

From Louise S., Canyon Ranch Guest:

“My troubles are gone – thank you Elizabeth!”

From Barbara R., Canyon Ranch Guest:

“Your class was innovative and a true ‘discovery’ of my inner creativity. Thank you for a fulfilling three days of ‘Creative Awakenings’.”

From Lisa R., Canyon Ranch Guest:

“Elizabeth – you are a very special person! I can be a closed off person and you have awakened creativity and freedom in me the last few days! Thank you!”

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From Valerie B., Canyon Ranch Guest:

“I am so totally inspired and uplifted and will register for an art class in NYC. Thank you, Elizabeth for reminding me about the fun of creativity!”

From Carolyn K., Canyon Ranch Guest:

“Absolutely loved this class! My art will look great in my new place. Thank you!”

From Sarah and Rachel H., Canyon Ranch Guest:

“We loved our time with you. Thank you so much! Both of us feel that we made important breakthroughs because of our process with you.”

From Wesleigh Behn, Canyon Ranch, New Years Guest:

“Great class!! Not what I expected and I loved it!”

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From Bob Dorfman, Canyon Ranch, New Years Guest:

“Thank you – fun for all ages particularly the 5-year-old in me – great to return there!”

From Michael Errico, Canyon Ranch, New Years Guest:

“Never expected to do this. REALLY the best – thanks!”

From Tracy F., Creative Awakenings Guest:

“Elizabeth – Wow –Art Therapy really works!

Thank you for an amazing week full of so much beauty and enlightenment at DreamStreet. It’s so great to finally be “awake” again – no more stomachaches! I loved every minute spent with you, and will never forget our time together.”

From Jennifer F., Creative Awakenings Guest:

“I was “searching” for healing because of major life challenges and events.

Creative Awakenings taught and helped me more in the four days spent with Elizabeth than in the countless hours and years of therapy I spent in pursuit of a happier and more authentic life. This amazing growth and metamorphic process did not stop once I left this magical experience. The beauty and uniqueness of this program are an ongoing gift as I continue to develop into the new “me.” I had a stagnated thought process before I arrived – I was of the mindset that I needed a coping mechanism to help me “deal” with the unhappy existence that I called my life.

The breathtaking beauty of the grounds and beautiful lake house where you stay and spend your reflective time all played a part in my entire journey. The serenity and calm coupled with the awesome wonderment of nature allows for deeper introspection and faith, making it an undeniable fact that a Creator really exists. And, that the magnitude of our personal problems pale in comparison to the awe inspiring life and wonders that await us if we are just willing to open our eyes, breathe in the air, truly hear the melodies of the chirping birds, feel the breath of the wind or savor the individual tastes of the bounty laid before us. I was able to focus on these simplistic but crucial elements and truly know that so much good is out there!

Creative Awakenings puts a premium on personal growth – it helps us develop a skill sets that we were born with, but for whatever reason have not yet cultivated. Elizabeth helped and guided me in understanding that I don’t have to “deal” as long as I’m open to “developing” – that I have choices, and a wonderful life awaits me, if “I” SO CHOOSE. I now believe with confidence that my ability to grow, climb, reach, and evolve is infinite!”

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From Connie K., Soul Models Seminar Guest, Vice President, “Inventaur”:

“Spending a week with Elizabeth Bryan was magical.

The practices we did led me to facing and accepting issues that I did not even know existed; but once released, the weight of the world disappeared. The Runes were pivotal in accessing the wisdom needed to face and accept my personal challenges. Elizabeth Bryan touched my soul – we had a fantastic week together and I can’t wait to do it again!”

From Debbie Ann Meyers., Senior Concierge, Golden Door Spa:

“Elizabeth Bryan’s passion and compassion are contagious. As the senior concierge at The Door for the past eight years, I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the greatest motivational speakers and teachers the world has to offer. At The Door, Elizabeth is at the top of the list – the joy and energy she brings are magical.

She is a remarkable artist, author, speaker and mother whose warmth and deep intuition welcomes everyone into her world. 
Elizabeth’s Golden Door seminars have given our guests the experience of a lifetime, allowing them to express and transform their deepest vulnerabilities into life-long, transformational tools. As a bestselling author and Creative Behaviorist, Elizabeth weaves a roster of phenomenal thought leaders into her program whose additional insights touch the hearts of everyone in their path. Elizabeth is an exceptionally organized and efficient professional who made our job at The Door easy and extremely successful – I cannot recommend her enough!”

From Susan M., MD, Associate Clinical Professor, Soul Models Seminar Guest:

“There are people we bump into along our individual paths that make us pause and begin to view our landscape in a new way; with a subtle shift in perspective, vibrancy or clarity. Elizabeth is one such person.

Perhaps it is her electric smile that draws you in at first, or maybe its how genuinely she wants to hear what you have to say. But spend a little more time hearing her incredible story in one of her engaging seminars, or better still, have her do a Rune session for you, and what you begin to see is a remarkable soul who most certainly has some sort of connection with divine wisdom.

I met Elizabeth at the Golden Door. After spending a few hours in her presence, I feel like we are old friends. And I was not alone in this experience.

Elizabeth brings her art and her artistic self-expression to everything she does. In her presence tree bark is alive with pattern and color and striations in a stone tells a story or offers you guidance. But despite this rather “out there” description, you have before you a very grounded, professional and smart woman, who lives and laughs in the real world like the rest if us. No need for mountaintops or temples. Like the book she co- authored, she was just the Chicken Soup my Soul was waiting for.”

From Pauline Schnedar, Assistant Director, Golden Door Spa:

“Elizabeth Bryan defines ‘inspirational.’

She has a gift for storytelling that grabs her audience with thought-provoking facts and amazing stories that showcase how anyone can overcome adversity. Her candor and “passion for compassion” are contagious; she shares wonderful tools and nuggets of wisdom that can be immediately applied to our lives. Her creative teaching style thoroughly entertains – everyone leaves Elizabeth’s presentations feeling uplifted, connected, and yes… grateful. Finally, Elizabeth always takes the time to understand her audience, is extremely flexible, and always 100% prepared – she makes my job easy!”

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From Lynn R., attendee, Women’s Wellness Event, Ojai Valley Spa and Resort:

“It is amazing to me how a 2-3 Day workshop can truly change a person’s life!

The time that I spent with you in Ojai did just that for me personally. Your insights on Mindset helped me to reprogram the way in which I begin and continue on through the day. In the short time since the workshop, I have felt greater fulfillment, I have accomplished more, and I have a deeper sense of gratitude for everyone and everything in my life.

The Art Project summed up our Ojai experience. It was cathartic in that it defined all of my thoughts and feelings, helping me to more clearly understand things I had been unable to clearly communicate. This allowed me to deal with some issues that I had been needing to deal with for quite some time.”

Thank you for your warmth, compassion, wisdom and beauty – I look forward to another workshop in the future!”

From Samira G., attendee, Women’s Wellness Event, Ojai Valley Spa and Resort:

“The words mindfulness, abundance, and purpose have a much greater meaning after two and half days working with Elizabeth Bryan.

Inner Strength has an opportunity to be explored as we learn about the truth behind our thoughts. Positive Space is created as we recognize what is important in our own unique path. Inspiration comes rushing in as you let go of everything that holds you back while you assemble your very own art piece! And, before you know it…your art gave you therapy ? Thank you Elizabeth! Keep shining your light.”


From Lorna Auerbach, President, Auerbach Commercial Realty Corp. former Educational Chair, WPO Santa Monica:

“Elizabeth – your program was the best of the entire week at The Golden Door, and I am loving your book!”

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From a Member, WPO Santa Monica Chapter:

“I really enjoyed your presentation. I liked the subject matter, and would recommend you for further YPO/WPO presentations.”

From a Member, WPO Santa Monica Chapter:

“I enjoyed Elizabeth’s presentation.

As one who deals with a fair amount of anxiety, I enjoyed learning about different ways to cope with stress and anxiety, especially the meditation part of the presentation. I will be digging into some of the resources she recommended as well. Overall, a very enjoyable, interesting presenter and presentation.”


From Robert J., Entrepreneur; Former principle and President of Chicken Soup for the Soul:

“When you meet Elizabeth you will immediately have a trusted friend.

She is a woman with 100 ears and lends them to anyone in need. She doesn’t just have phenomenal communication skills, she has a connection to her Soul and knows how to open it up to you. Her dedication to helping people march on no matter what the obstacles might be makes her a rare motivational speaker and an exceptional Life Coach. I know because she personally helped me over a few mountains.”

From Joel H., Celebrity Trainer, “Joel Harper Fitness”:

“Elizabeth is that rare gem of wise sage and down-to-earth friend; she is full of incredible insight. I am thankful she is willing to step into the spotlight and share her philosophy, insight and warmth.”

From Lynette B., Entrepreneur; Former President, The Gateway for Cancer Research::

“Elizabeth Bryan is a courageous and generous woman who has taken her personal journey & turned it into a dynamic, inspiring presentation for all of us.

Her authenticity, generosity and her willingness to open her heart and soul to her audience communicates there is forgiveness for all while forging paths forward in our lives. We should all hear her message of rising up out of the ashes and baring our souls to help others. If we did, the world would be a much better place. Elizabeth is determined to heal hearts and souls one audience member at a time. I encourage you to invite this lovely woman to be a part of any program…she will truly inspire.”

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