It’s a scientific fact: creativity and creative practices reduce stress, increase well-being, and yes – can even improve medical outcomes.(1)

Benefiting from creativity has nothing to do with the end result of what you make – it’s all about the act of creating. Whether it’s writing, cooking or crafting, simple engaging in creative activities reaps rewards. The key is detaching from the results: when you toss the idea of “good or not good” out the door, your creative windows will open wide.

  1. Awaken Your Inner Artist: If you think you are not an artist, think again: There was a time way back in childhood where you splashed paint without a care, and that inner artist is waiting for you to indulge. Grab a pen and paper, mindlessly doodle for ten full minutes and see if anything interesting shows up in your scribbles.
  2. Color: Pick up any coloring book that strikes your fancy and get coloring. For an extra boost, choose a coloring book that is specifically geared towards de-stressing, and sink into the relaxing results.
  3. Make art with the nearest child: Whether with your own kids, grandkids or friends’ kids, simply sitting down and making anything with a child is sure to inspire your inner artist. That’s because children are naturally detached from the outcome: since they don’t care about what others think of their art, you may as well treat yourself to the same mindset.
  4. Visit a gallery or museum: simply viewing art can have positive impact on your health, even decreasing anxiety and depression. According to one study, viewing beautiful art causes an immediate release of dopamine to the brain, similar to the physical reactions of falling in love! (2)

Gifting yourself with creative time is healthy act of self-love that you deserve.  And, it’s a lot more fun than dieting!

Creatively yours,

Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs


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