The Rewards of Teaching Art to Homeless Seniors

One of the main tenets of Creative Awakenings is the healing benefits of Creativity. This article about artist Zahava Sherez teaching art to homeless seniors is particularly meaningful - this quote by Zahava stood out for me: "Working with seniors and walking with several of them to the crossover gate, literally, as they continued [...]

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Featured Art: Quickening

This month’s featured art represents transformation on the deepest level. It can also be interpreted as a simple, creative path to self-transformation. QuickeningFound wood, cast bronze, bone, copper wire, paint 34 x 14 x 4.5 inches The materials that describe this month’s art include “bone.” Living in nature provides countless opportunities to watch [...]

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Featured Art: Saguaros

This month’s featured art is a Saguaro cactus from the inside out, a beautiful representation of the Spiritual Warrior. Watercolor on paper 15 x 20 inches Standing tall in the Sonoran Desert with outstretched arms, these ancient cacti communicate a sense of courage, wisdom and strength. When I behold a Saguaro, I no [...]

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Featured Art: Journey Runestone

This month’s featured art is a genuine, contemporary Runestone – one that my husband and I created together for a dear friend and collector, Karen C. It tells the story of her “journey” in ancient Runic text: from the beginning of her 39-year marriage to its intensely challenging end, focusing on the amazing and continual [...]

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