Experience the Mother/ Daughter Awaking Without Ever Leaving Home

experience the mother/ daughter awakening Without ever leaving home

There is no time like the present to nurture your most cherished bond.

Creative Awakenings for Mothers and Daughters online was born to accommodate the many requests for this workshop from women whose hectic lives don’t always allow for uninterrupted time, but don’t want to wait one more day to strengthen their relationship with the person who matters most.

Through Creative Awakenings for Mothers and Daughters Online, you will:

  • Break down barriers and dissolve negative emotions

  • Safely open to a new flow of communication, leaving nothing left unsaid

  • Awaken to new levels of mutual love understanding as separate women who share the same and different joys, hopes and fears

  • Truly and deeply understand each other’s journey

  • Awaken to and embrace each other’s greatest strengths

  • Learn how to offer and receive support within healthy boundaries

  • Relate to who you each have been in the past, are in the present, and will be in the future

  • Deeply connect and bond on a level that will unite and serve you in the present and future

  • Experience the transformational powers of creativity – together and apart.

  • Build a Spiritual Toolbox to guide you in all relationships going forward

Creative Awakenings for Mothers and Daughters Online begins with individual questionnaires and confidential sessions where feelings and objectives are safely expressed. Mother and Daughter are both given practices to implement apart and together. These include writing, simple creative exercises that lead to a powerful emotional release, writing prompts transposed to Love Letters, personalized, guided meditations, and various proprietary practices.

Woman to woman and friend to friend, it is time to safely, lovingly and creatively break down a lifetime of barriers and develop new appreciation, gratitude, and compassion for each other’s journey.


From Dianne S.:

“Elizabeth facilitated us in opening lines of communications again, really listening and hearing the other person. The art creative processes were something I have never done before, and I found that illuminating. It was very special time!”

From Alison D.:

“Loved it! Came exactly at the right time…like it was meant to be – the Universe sending me the guidance I needed. Elizabeth, you are fabulous!”


Creative Awakenings for Mothers and Daughters is a sacred journey that is personalized to your needs, beginning with a minimum of six Awakening Sessions that take place separately and together. Sessions are held via phone, video conferencing or Skype. Ongoing practices and awakenings are also provided throughout the workshop via a confidential, online portal.

Please take a minute to provide the below, confidential information. Once your inquiry is received, we will set up an initial time to speak so I can best serve you and your loved one.