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Elizabeth’s spa programs have been shared at top resorts nationally including the Golden Door Spa in San Marcos, California, Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts, and the Ojai Valley Inn and Resort among others.

Creative Awakenings: Where Spirit Meets Science ™ integrates the beauty and unique offerings of each venue, providing attendees with a life-changing, unforgettable Creative experience that leaves them lighter in Spirit and in awe of their own inner gifts.

Attendees will:

  • Understand the latest Science behind Creativity, Mindfulness and Wellness

  • Awaken Creative Genius through a deeply healing experience

  • Release What No Longer Serves; Open to New, Clear Energy

  • Experience a Profound Rise in Intuition and Insight

  • Safely and Joyfully process challenging emotions

  • Build a Personalized Spiritual Toolbox to Guide Their Forward Path

  • Embrace the Secret Messages of The Runes

  • Discover a Path to Abiding Joy and a Life of Greater Authenticity

  • Create a High-Quality Piece of Art that Serves as a Visual Reminder of their Sacred Journey

From Samira G. , attendee, Women’s Wellness Event, Ojai Valley Spa and Resort:

“The words mindfulness, abundance, and purpose have a much greater meaning after two and half days working with Elizabeth Bryan.

Inner Strength has an opportunity to be explored as we learn about the truth behind our thoughts. Positive Space is created as we recognize what is important in our own unique path. Inspiration comes rushing in as you let go of everything that holds you back while you assemble your very own art piece! And, before you know it…your art gave you therapy ? Thank you Elizabeth! Keep shining your light.”


Creative Awakenings at Canyon Ranch
and The Golden Door Spa  (click to enlarge)

Attendee Art
Attendee Art
Attendee Art
Attendee Art
Attendee Art
Attendee Art
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