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“Creating a strong emotional connection with your clients creates loyalty. And, the great thing about client loyalty is when you have it, it never goes away.” — Maribeth Kuzmeski, MBA, PhD, founder, Red Zone Marketing

Showing clients you truly care is key to success: it earns trust, respect and loyalty. Client appreciation events are a wonderful way to do this. Supporting client wellness takes client appreciation to another level…one that your clients will never forget.

Creative Awakenings is a renowned, proprietary, art program that is a unique, ideal client appreciation event. As a bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul and Soul Models author, artist and creativity expert, I have only shared Creative Awakenings at the nation’s highest-end venues and in private retreat. This program provides your clients with a joyful, transformative, creative experience that culminates in their creation of a professional piece of art that forever reminds them of you.

Hosting Creative Awakenings is gifting your clients with something that they could only get if they paid tens of thousands of dollars and went to a luxury spa.

Events are 2 – 3 hours long and tailored for groups from 5 – 20. They can be customized for women only, couples and/or families and friends. Base prices begin at $50 per attendee. Ten percent of proceeds are donated to The Women’s Institute for Financial Education,

Clients and Guests will:

  • Awaken inborn creativity through a deeply joyful and healing creative experience

  • Understand the latest science behind Art Therapy and mindfulness

  • Safely process challenging emotions, decrease stress and anxiety

  • Create a high-quality piece of art that serves as a visual reminder of their journey

  • Discover tools for living a life of greater health, happiness and connection

  • Have a wonderful experience that they will forever associate with your appreciation of them.

Creativity adds value to just about everything: be on the lookout for “The Many Paths to Purpose,” another Creative Awakenings wellness appreciation event that shares groundbreaking, creative approaches to navigating challenge while discovering and enhancing purpose. This in-demand workshop was inspired by the incredible luminaries who I was privileged to interview for my Soul Models book, including Eli Manning, David Copperfield, Candace Lightner (founder of MADD), and Temple Grandin, among others.

Showing clients you truly care about their wellness establishes a strong connection with you, and is a gift to everyone: learn more about Creative Awakenings today. Click here to inquire.

From Candace Bahr, former owner, Bahr Investment Group, Investment News 2015 “Women to Watch,” co-founder and Second Saturday Divorce Workshops:

“Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs brought Creative Awakenings to my top clients as an appreciation event, and they loved it!

Not only was it a differentiator, it was a joyful, wellness experience that they talked about long after it was over. The art they made was beautiful, and it was wonderful to share this kind of special, intimate experience with them.

I also worked alongside Elizabeth at The Golden Door Spa, presenting a “Soul Models” themed week. This content is truly inspiring – and, Elizabeth has a special way of engaging the guests in an entertaining, informative way that is both transformative and memorable.

Elizabeth is a consummate professional and always comes fully prepared with a treasure chest of supplies, down to the smallest details. Her events are unique, informative and always uplifting – I can’t recommend her enough!”

From Peg D, Canyon Ranch:

“Elizabeth, you are a FORCE! And you are a GIVER. Thank you for this amazing experience”

From Samantha Talora, Communications Coordinator, Canyon Ranch:

“Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs has become a creatively inspiring addition to the Canyon Ranch Programing family.”

Canyon Ranch guests are discerning, savvy and open to enriching experiences. Elizabeth fits perfectly into this fold. From the first day we, spoke, I knew she would share her gifts generously and expertly with our special clientele. She does not disappoint. Read more.

Bestselling Books, Creativity and…Financial Services:

I am an artist, creativity expert and a bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul and Soul Models author, now pursuing a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy. I am passionate about supporting anyone and everyone in their creative, wellness journey. This includes dissolving challenging emotions in all areas of life and moving forward with tools to support a life of greater authenticity and joy.

For nearly seven years, I worked with and advocated for the Women’s Institute for Financial Education ( and non-profit Second Saturday Divorce Workshops. I have been privileged to work with top advisors from every firm on their marketing. Through this work, I learned that showing clients that you truly care is a cornerstone to success that comes back in infinite ways.

It was also during this time that I began speaking and sharing insights from my bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul and Soul Model books, as well as teaching my creativity workshop that evolved over the course of my adult life. I became a frequent speaker at elite spas like The Golden Door and Canyon Ranch, and Creative Awakenings: Where Spirit Meets Science was born.

I am honored to have worked alongside many luminaries, including co-founders, Ginita Wall and Candace Bahr, both of whom have deeply influenced my life. Candace and Ginita are leading advocates, founding in 1987 and non-profit Second Saturday Non-Profit Divorce Workshops in 1988. is the nation’s longest running non-profit devoted to female financial literacy, and Second Saturday is now a national program, with over 125 workshops held every month. Thank you to Candace and Ginita for your never-ending efforts. And, additional thanks to Maribeth Kuzmeski for sharing your vast marketing knowledge in financial services and across all industries.

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