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Creative Awakenings: Where Spirit Meets Science™ takes appreciation to a whole new level.

In an increasingly competitive world, it is difficult to distinguish yourself.  Now, you can bring your most important clients and employees a unique, transformative experience that is only available at the world’s most exclusive spas.

Creative Awakenings for Corporations and Businesses is a top wellness program created for companies who want to let their clients or employees know they are valued. It implements all the tenets of Creative Awakenings that Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs offers at high-end, luxury venues like the Golden Door Spa in San Marcos, CA, and Canyon Ranch, in Lenox, MA.

Elizabeth’s best-selling writing career and field work in compassion has given her the privilege of working with some of the world’s greatest luminaries and thought leaders, including renowned human behaviorist, Dr. John Demartini, Dr. Rick Hanson, psychologist and bestselling author, “Buddha’s Brain,” and Temple Grandin, among many others. Her years working with and advocating for (the Women’s Institute for Financial Education) have also provided Elizabeth with specialized insight into the complex issues that surround women and life transitions.

Attendees Will:

  • Awaken inborn creativity through a deeply joyful and healing creative experience

  • Understand the latest science behind Art Therapy, nature and mindfulness

  • Safely process challenging emotions

  • Create a high-quality piece of art that serves as a visual reminder of their journey

  • Discover tools for living a life of greater health, happiness and connection

  • Have a wonderful experience that they will forever associate with your appreciation of them.

From Candace Bahr, former owner, Bahr Investment Group, Investment News 2015 “Women to Watch,” co-founder and Second Saturday Divorce Workshops:

“Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs brought Creative Awakenings to my top clients as an appreciation event, and they loved it!

Not only was it a differentiator, it was a joyful, wellness experience that they talked about long after it was over. The art they made was beautiful, and it was wonderful to share this kind of special, intimate experience with them.

I also worked alongside Elizabeth at The Golden Door Spa, presenting a “Soul Models” themed week. This content is truly inspiring – and, Elizabeth has a special way of engaging the guests in an entertaining, informative way that is both transformative and memorable.

Elizabeth is a consummate professional and always comes fully prepared with a treasure chest of supplies, down to the smallest details. Her events are unique, informative and always uplifting – I can’t recommend her enough!

From Samantha Talora, Communications Coordinator, Canyon Ranch – Lenox, MA:

“Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs has become a creatively inspiring addition to the Canyon Ranch programming family.

Canyon Ranch guests are discerning, savvy and beautifully open to life-expanding and enriching experiences. Elizabeth fits perfectly into this fold. From the day we spoke on the phone about our collaboration, I knew she would share her gifts generously and expertly with our special clientele. She does not disappoint.

Elizabeth is all at once soothing and energizing, providing a safe and comforting environment to step outside of what is familiar and try something new. She arrived with her arsenal of treasures, much to the delight of Creative Awakenings participants. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that, as I have witnessed, is uniquely different for everyone.

The experience “awakens” emotions, creativity and intuition that we forgot, or never knew, was there! Too often in our daily lives, we become entrenched in the “work” of life. Elizabeth guides us to revisit and rediscover the beauty and simplicity that lies within us and encourages us to share this creativity, and ourselves, more fully. A rare gift.”


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