Art always tells a story…it might be the artist’s vision of something in the outer world, a reflection of their inner world, a direct expression of experience or some combination of all. Session I intentionally calls up challenge; Session II lets it go in a magical release, opening new, transformational channels of joy and healing. Regardless, the beauty and quality of all Creative Awakenings art never ceases to amaze and humble me. It also leaves each guest in awe of their creative gifts, which is my favorite part.

Please enjoy this small selection of works.

Canyon Ranch Guest Art

From Peg D., Creative Awakenings, Canyon Ranch:
(Left) Session I, (Right) Session II: “The Place I Dream About”

Testimonial from Peg D. – Creative Awakenings guest at Canyon Ranch

“I participated in Elizabeth’s Creative Awakenings workshop after beginning chemotherapy for aggressive breast cancer – my second time with breast cancer.  With her help, I was able to break free of my fears and anger, and could allow the healing power of joyful creativity in.  It was transformational and life-changing.  Elizabeth, you are a FORCE!  And you are a GIVER. Thank you for this amazing experience.”

Canyon Ranch (Use arrows to scroll, click to enlarge)

From Alison D:
“Loved it!  Came exactly at the right time…like it was meant to be – the Universe sending me the guidance I needed.  Elizabeth, you are fabulous!

From Bernadette R:
“A surprisingly delightful experience!  Taking the best parts of my past into the future, but excited for a third chapter of my life – Thank you, Elizabeth – for your belief in us, your radiance and inspiration.  My favorite Irish word is ‘uamhnach’! Beyond ‘awesome!”

Golden Door (Use arrows to scroll, click to enlarge)

From Jodi H.
“Best workshop on creativity alive ever taken – Love Elizabeth!