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Creative Awakenings & Elizabeth Bryan-JacobsI’m Elizabeth Bryan Jacobs, and I’m excited to share an amazing, accidental l discovery that I made on my personal path to wellness. I’m an artist, so it naturally includes creativity – but Creative Awakenings is my own recipe; my own combination of tried and true healing modalities that have been known to sages, teachers and spiritual leaders for centuries. Now, these age-old paths to peace and wellness are backed up by scientific research.

You have probably read that meditation practices, spending time in nature, and creativity have been scientifically proven to help us live longer, healthier, happier, and stress-free lives.

What you don’t know is that combining these modalities in a uniquely creative way deeply increases the effectiveness of each – kind of in the same way that dieting works better when you also exercise.

If you are thinking you aren’t creative, think again: creativity is simply the manifestation of your imagination, and everyone is born with that. Think back to how you freely played and expressed yourself as a child; this was your imagination playing out creatively. Art-making is just one aspect of this; gardening, singing in the shower, cooking and getting dressed are creative, and yes, getting kids out the door takes a whole lot of creativity. It is my belief that almost everything we do unconsciously involves some kind of creative processing.

Creative Awakenings was born of my own life challenges, as so many wonderful things ultimately are. The reasons don’t matter; other than to say they put me on a life-long healing path. I dove deeply into different meditation practices. I walked or hiked for exercise. Art-making helped, but that process began to change. It morphed into this curious path of creating things, destroying them and re-creating them in some new, different way, or just trashing them altogether… like parts of my life that I was ready to toss.

It became clear that it wasn’t finishing a piece of art that soothed my soul; it was this novel approach to creativity that was working the true magic. Then came that life-changing “aha” moment – It was the combination of meditative practices, connecting with nature and this new creative process that was key – each one made the others much more potent. There was a ton of crossover, but the results were clear: when I used these tools in combination, depression lifted, fears dissolved and I became present in a way I had never experienced. Slowly but surely, my Spirit began to heal. For the first time, I had a powerful, personalized method for safely processing challenging emotions, finding answers, and moving forward – joyfully.

Fascinated, I began investigating the science behind each practice, becoming even more convinced that I had stumbled onto a safe and tangible process that anyone could personalize and use to greatly improve their lives.

Creativity, nature and meditation were the first things to go into what I called my “Spiritual Toolbox.”   My tools continued to develop, including things like gratitude and compassion and forgiveness practices that came from many wise and wonderful teachers. With every tool I added, I found a growing body of research that scientifically supported why I felt so good.

I began opening my toolbox daily, ultimately finding that it served as great preventative medicine. I felt happier and more connected to the Universe much more of the time. I could respond instead of reacting to situations. I tuned into the world in a much deeper way, noticing what gave me a sense of purpose. From that point on, my life unfolded in wonderful ways. I created a clear, authentic and joyful path; one that became a true blessing to share.   And so, Creative Awakenings was born. What began with a group of women in my garage has evolved into a wonderful program that I am privileged to share at many different venues around the country.

Creative Awakenings: Where Spirit Meets Science will support you in embarking on your personal journey of discovery. By creating your own Spiritual Toolbox, you will live with a newfound freedom of expression and authenticity. You will feel better, emotionally, spiritually and physically. You will have abiding tools to assist you in transforming life’s challenges to life successes.

It is my privilege to help you get there.