Breaking Through Personal Barriers

Canyon Ranch Guest Art, Session I Mixed media on paper, 11 x 14 inches I could easily start this blog post out by offering, “Six Top Tips to Breaking Through Personal Barriers,” but it is a much longer story than that. Over the next few months, I will share steps to the [...]

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Outsmarting Stress

Featured Art “Spread Your Wings” Mixed Media on Canvas 39 x 78 inches The experience of creating this month’s Featured Art has been one of the most abiding and uplifting ways to outsmart stress that I have ever experienced. It is an amazing art project that I was blessed to participate in at Dell Children’s [...]

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Making Resolutions you can actually KEEP

I’m losing ten pounds, leaving my partner and am forgoing my lifelong relationship with salted cashews – again. “Box of Crayons,” by Melissa Mason Acrylic on Canvas, 52 x 70 inches How many times do we make that New Year’s list of resolutions and by spring time it has melted away with [...]

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How to Feel Grateful when you feel like $#@!

This month’s Spiritual Toolbox Addition is right in tune with the Thanksgiving: it’s called Gratitude, and when you practice it on a regular basis (we are not talking lip service), life is a whole lot more beautiful. OH NO by Byron Keith ByrdOil on Canvas, 48 x 36 You’ve heard the gratitude [...]

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The Myth of Feeling “Behind”

THIS MONTH'S ADDITION TO THE SPIRITUAL TOOLBOX IS A PROFOUND INSIGHT: Turning Point Oil on canvas, 32.5 x 20.5 inches ©2016 Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs   If you are farther ahead than where you were, you can’t possibly be “behind.” It’s really simple; “ahead” and “behind” are opposites; although we never think that literally with life swirling [...]

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Featured Art: “Self-Portrait”

This might not be your typical self-portrait, but at the time in my life when I made it, I like to think you might have recognized if you saw it. Found wood, cast bronze branches, canvas, paint 85 x 50 x 20 inches I was emerging from an incredibly dark period, living half [...]

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Dissolving Pain

I’ve lost count of the number of challenging times in my life that I was soothed by the #3 necessary Tool in Every Spiritual Toolbox. It lowers stress, increases well-being, improves performance, and yes, has been scientifically proven to ease pain. “Sunflowers,” Vincent Van Gogh The #3 Tool is also free, available all [...]

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Featured Art: “There, There”

If you asked me how I feel this month (and I was speechless) I’d show you this painting. It gives a far better explanation than I ever could. The experience of making it was a true visual “tracking” of me. “There, There” Oil on canvas, 48” x 32” At a certain point I [...]

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What to Do When You Are Speechless: The #2 Tool in Your Spiritual Toolbox

We already learned that the #1 Tool in your Spiritual Toolbox is you, because you really do have all the answers. But what is the tool that helps you access you  when things are so overwhelming that you really have no words? Leverage being dumbstruck into intentionally staying silent. Pablo Picasso, “Guernica,” 1937Oil on [...]

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